Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

[CLOSED] Pinky Promise's First Giveaway

Hi! Like what I've said on my previous post, that I will hold a giveaway. And now my giveaway is officially open! (Indonesia Only). You need to follow the rules about how to join and you'll get a chance to win this Cambridge Satchel Bag!

How to win :
  1. Follow my blog via GFC and Bloglovin'
  2. Follow me on twitter (@paulynexoxo) 
  3. Share about the giveaway by tweeting this
"I just joined  giveaway from @Paulynexoxo's blog to win a Cambridge satchel bag!"

Extra Points:
get bigger chance to win! by following this steps
  1. Follow my instagram (@paulynexoxo)
  2. Follow Bronze Closet's twitter here

Comment on this post with your name, email, your opinion about my blog, and also let me know that you have followed the rules, or the extra points.
One person can only tweet maximum five times. I will announce the winner of this giveaway on 25 March 2013 on my blog!

So, what are you waiting for? Join Now!! If there are any questions regarding the giveaway, don't hesitate to ask.

40 komentar:

  1. name : mustika hayati
    email :hayatimustika@gmail.com
    twitter: @mussbolo

    your blog full with many fun things, i'm happy for read this blog :)

  2. gfc & bloglovin : vanisa desfriani
    email : pinkyangtakpernahpudar@ymail.com
    twitter : @Ishavanisa

    your blog very beautifull.. :)

  3. name: clara angwen widjaya
    email: clara_angwen@hotmail.com
    twitter: @claracaw
    instagram: @claraangwen

    I have followed the rules& the extra points ;)
    I think your blog is nice and interesting! I'm enjoying it and keep looking on your older posts. Nice to know you anyway! ;) mind to follow back? x

  4. Lovely post + pictures! Great blog you have here. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx


  5. Hi Paulyne, nice to know you :)
    I've followed the rules but sorry I haven't instagram account

    Name: Rita Iryanti
    Email: rita.iryanti@gmail.com
    Twitter: @rita2174
    Bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/4154951

    About your blog? So simply but beautiful! your photos took clearly, you've a great taste in your style, and your post always looks awesome :)
    Really hope for the red ;)

  6. One more lovely blog and giveaway. (:
    Count me in, dear..

    Name : Rizki D Kelimutu
    email : kelimutu.rizki@gmail.com
    twitter : @kelimuttu
    instagram : @kelimuttu

    I've done all the rules and the extra points.
    tweet : https://twitter.com/kelimuttu/status/308749664285511680

    About the blog : I really enjoy the blog. The content is simple but your style is awesome! I enjoy looking at your outfit photoshoot in this blog. And btw, I also come from Tegal so it's great to know another blogger from the same city (;


    1. so you are from Tegal too? :D nice too meet you hehehe
      we should meet each other next time! ;)


  7. Name : Gavrilla Anggastanadia D. Sompie (in short you can just call me Nadia Sompie :D)
    email : gvrllanadia@gmail.com
    twitter : @anggastanadia

    Hello, I'm your new follower. I must say, your blog is really cute and beautiful. It's simple but your fashion photos are just, let me say this again, cute & beautiful :D

    About the giveaway, I've follow the rules & extra points but I don't have instagram acc. But I still hope that I could win that cutie red :D

    Thank You. Keep doing awesome job on your blog :))

  8. Hi, I'm your new followers! So glad found your blog and by the way I joined your giveaway.
    I've followed all the rules and for extra points too :)

    Name: Shabrina Ghaisani
    Email: ghaisaninshabrina@gmail.com
    twitter: @ghaisn
    instagram: ghaisaaa

    nice blog and the contains are very good. I'm in love with your header, really.
    Keep being nice bloggers! Good luck for me to win this giveaway.

    Warmnest Regards,

    Shabrina Ghaisani Xx

  9. aw boooooo i can't participate~


  10. GFC: aza labibah
    Email: azalabibah@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @azalabibah
    I've follow the rules & extra points but I don't have instagram

    your blog is nice and beautiful :)

  11. hi beauty!
    thanks for last visit on my blog :D
    i had followback yours too and you had such an amazing photos.
    im glad we found each others :D
    i had joined your giveaway too!

    email : tannieny@gmail.com
    twitter : tannieNy
    i followed all excpt GFC cause i dont have that
    wish you all the best my dear



  12. Name : Meitha Ayu Siregar
    Email : meithaayusiregar@gmail.com

    done all the rules and the extra points (twitter: @meithasiregar, instagram: @meithaas)
    I have just found your blog and it's interesting!<3

    p.s.: thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog. would you like to follow each other? let's be friends:D

    1. thank you Meithaa <3
      I'll follow you back!
      nice to know you love <3


  13. Name : Meilisa Dewi
    E-mail : meilisakang@ymail.com
    Twitter : @Qmin_
    GFC and Bloglovin' : the SWEETLAND
    I've followed the rules and the extra points rules, but sadly I don't have any instagram accounts.

    Well, I'm your new follower. After a quick stalk I found out your blog is very interesting. I love its design, and of course, your posts. I love the way you dressed up. You can mix both girly and boyish style in the same time, and sometimes rebelish, without leaving the comfy zone. Cool !

    I'm an ELF too anyway! Are you going to the MUBANKJKT tomorrow? :)


    1. whoaaaaa you an ELF too <3 I hope we can share about SJ more :D
      Sadly, I'm not going to MUBANK I've a test to do next monday :(
      but nice to know you <3


  14. Name: Maulita Sabillah
    Email: skype.lita@yahoo.com
    twitter @litasabillah

    ive followed all the rules:)) when i visited ur blog, i was like "cuteeee header!" haha lol but im not lyin:p ur blog so amazing!

  15. cute name for a blog!!

    I hope I may win the giveaway! thank you for taking a peek on my blog, I really hope that you may follow back mine

    Name : Merilda Kristalya
    E-mail : merilda.kristalya@windowslive.com
    twitter : @MErildaaaa


    1. thank you Merilda <3 don't worry, I'll follow you back! ;)


  16. I joined your giveaway pretty :))
    name : Putri Pasaribu
    email : pu3_pa1000@yahoo.co.id

    I've seen your post about outfit and I just like "DAMN! I love your passion in fashion". the way you mix and match your style and korean's. And sometimes you can just like a vintage princess :)

    I've done all the rules:
    twitter: @putripasaribu
    GFC and bloglovin: Putri Pasaribu
    Shared :)

    extra points:
    instagram: @putripasaribu
    I've followed Bronze Closet :))

    wish me luck :)
    thank you pretty :D


  17. Hi nice blog and great giveaway!
    thank you for dropping by into my blog btw
    I've followed you back.
    I loved to join this giveaway :)

    followed you on GFC, bloglovin' and twiiter.
    I've tweet some words already.

    Theresia Oei

    thank you <3

  18. hi! thank you for the comment! ^^

    I wish all the good luck for everyone who joins



  19. Name : Yunita Elisabeth
    Email : niddskinny@yahoo.com
    GFC : Yunita Elisabeth
    Twitter : @yunitaelisabet_
    Instagram : yunitaelisabeth

    what a lovely blog. love all your outfit post ♥♥

    1. thank you and nice to know you ♥

  20. DONE! Did everything already :) *extra points too*
    email : eldreeng@yahoo.com

    Your blog is like super genuine! I love how you put those feelings into pic's. My fav is you seoul post. It's like I've been there too! Superb great pictures. I hope the best for you and can't wait for next post!!
    p.s : the blue flower crown on your last post is super cute ♥

  21. Hey I've followed all the rules ;)
    I think your blog is great! <3 please follow me back? :)
    Name: Nadia Nathania
    e-mail: glamrocklady@hotmail.com


  22. I like your blog, it's nice and cool. I'm a new follower, when I first saw your blog I like it and so I dont have any hesitation to click the 'follow' button n__n hahaha keep blogging sist, and thanks for visited my blog before~

    and I've followed all the rules

    email: wetwetlollipop@gmail.com
    twitter: @saikouh

  23. I've done all rules except following your instagram because I haven't instagram account x_x
    Diana Beatrick Anastasya

  24. Finally I remember my IG account! I've followed you btw! Yay! :D

  25. Name : Ken Raras Cestyakara
    email : rarascestyakara@yahoo.com
    twitter : @rarascestya
    instagram : @rarascestyakara

    I've done all the rules and the extra points.
    tweet : https://twitter.com/rarascestya/status/312589175725645825

    About the blog : I love your blog! I like to see you wearing playfull yet simple outfit and adding some of your DIY stuffs :D you are creative + inspiring!

    Good luck people!

  26. Namme : Tasya Emmanuella Novens.
    email : tasyaaemmanuella@gmail.com (double a)
    twitter : @tasyaemma
    instagram : @tasyaemma

    done all the rules kak ;D
    i love ur blog. simple but CUTE!
    and ur header, ah i really luf it.
    wanna follow back my blog?



  27. Hey! I just tweeted it again! ^^

    - https://twitter.com/kelimuttu/status/312853406983278592
    - https://twitter.com/kelimuttu/status/309287911520624641

  28. Name : Irene
    Email : irene.ang85@yahoo.com
    Opinion : your blog so much fun <3

    i followed the rules and also the extra point ;)


  29. lovely blog :D nice satchel bag dear :)
    goodluck for the giveaway!
    anyway feel free to visit my blog


  30. GFC: Inge Lakawa
    Bloglovin: Luch Luch Craft
    Twitter: @Ilakawa
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/ILakawa/status/315156335002013697
    instagram: @inge1125

    name: Inge Lakawa
    email: iloveutop@yahoo.com
    about your blog: i like it ^^ you have nice style. tapi foto headernya lebih baik klo di tengah ^^

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc?
    visit my blog ^^

  31. Veliati Em
    I've done all but instagram, I don't have one :D

    Anyway, it's very nice to know that our small town has more good bloggers with great blogs to visit, moreover yours is a fashion blog. Your posts are lovelies and you travel a lot, it's another point I love about Pinky Promise :)

    mind to visit back?

  32. name: Theresia Syanli Octavia
    email: TheresiaSyanli@yahoo.com
    my opinion about your blog: simple but stylish and i love it for sure :D

    Done Follow your blog via Bloglovin'
    Follow you on twitter (@TheresiaSyanLi)
    Share about the giveaway by tweeted:
    1. https://twitter.com/TheresiaSyanLi/status/315869849773539328
    2. https://twitter.com/TheresiaSyanLi/status/315870224383623169
    3. https://twitter.com/TheresiaSyanLi/status/315869903443865601
    4. https://twitter.com/TheresiaSyanLi/status/315870475509174272
    5. https://twitter.com/TheresiaSyanLi/status/315871040964268032

    Done Follow your instagram (@TheresiaSyanLi)
    Done Follow Bronze Closet's twitter :)


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